Los Gatos High School: Registration is open for high school Job Shadow Day

Los Gatos High School students who attended last year’s Job Shadow Day at Lockheed Martin donned bunny suits for their visit to a clean room, where they observed employees working on this Space-Based Infrared System satellite. The satellite provides the Air Force with expanded missile warning capabilities. Students who attend this year’s career-building program can expect to see similar technologies. Photograph courtesy of Lockheed Martin

The Los Gatos High School job shadow program is now in its third year, with opportunities available for teens to visit well-known Silicon Valley companies like Adobe, Intel and Lockheed Martin. But not all businesses involved in the career-building program are technology-focused, so students in grades 9-12 can also job shadow doctors, dentists, park rangers, police and firefighters.

This year’s Job Shadow Day is March 19.

“We have 70 companies hosting 400 shadow opportunities,” program founder Barbara Holmes said.

The business categories range from “A” for accounting to “V’ for veterinary.

“Last year I went to the Three Marketeers marketing company,” junior Elysia Smyers said. “It was interesting to see how the environment felt. It was really relaxed, but there was a lot of creativity evident, even in the art on the walls.”

Elysia isn’t quite sure she wants to go into marketing, which is why she’s considering different options for this year’s Job Shadow Day.

“I’ve started taking classes in physics, computer science and calculus because I’m interested in science and technology,” she said. “I’m excited to see this year’s offerings, but I’m still interested in working with people like they do at Three Marketeers. Whether you end up being interested in the industry or not, it’s very helpful to explore different interests.”

That’s one reason why Holmes started Job Shadow Day.

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